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A 2-day hands-on seminar to become a better chiropractor!

What you will learn:

A new approach to fast and lasting restoration of joint function. Adjusting to Neutral is an easy adaptation of our HVLA Chiropractic methods that recalibrates the intrinsic spinal musculature, addresses spinal segmental instability, and improves range of motion. This hands-on seminar starts from a deep review of ideal cervical biomechanics and joint motion control; then examines the changes following trauma. In this workshop, you will acquire tools to palpate and accurately describe the vector of instability and alteration of the axis of rotation of each joint. With this capacity, you will be able to direct your adjustments to precisely resolve the spinal muscle imbalances, improve joint stability and restore proper joint biomechanics.

The course has been designed to empower all participants to gain the knowledge and skills to confidently treat cervical and lumbar joints with Adjusting to Neutral techniques following this weekend.

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€ 495,-

Full time student

€ 349,-

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CPD points

8 points accredited by the EAC (ECU) and SCN

Presented by

Dr. Russ Hornstein, DC   &   Dr. Jeremy Schmoe, DC

Dr. Hornstein is a Chiropractic Neurologist with 25 years experience and a strong focus and training in vestibular rehabilitation, head and eye movement disorders and neuro-orthopaedic rehabilitation. His career has been highly dedicated to understanding and accurately assessing spinal biomechanics as well as a quest for the most effective tools in resolving poor joint function. Over the last four years he has developed a new HVLA method called ‘Adjusting to Neutral’ which does not require locking out the joint at the end range yet is proving to resolve joint dysfunction precisely, quickly and with greater comfort to patients.

Dr. Jeremy Schmoe has a highly successful brain rehabilitation practice in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He treats international clients and high level athletes with complex and challenging problems. He is also an award winning neurology lecturer and is well known for his amazing ability to make complex neurological pathways and functions understandable and practical. Dr. Schmoe uses Adjusting to Neutral in his practice and will help guide attendees to understand and learn the technique.


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