About us

About us

Vision Designed 2 Move

There is no single, absolute truth, and that applies to the medical sector, too. That is why it is important to continue learning all your life. For your own development, but also to contribute to your environment through new insights. This is the only way we can create the best possible care for our patients. Based on substantiated knowledge and well-considered decisions.


As a community for permanent education, we share knowledge through the best, evidence-based seminars out there, with world-renowned speakers. Together, we aim for a new standard of musculoskeletal health by integrating a vast amount of techniques. A standard that allows you to get the most out of yourself and fully commit to the best possible care for your patient. We are offering you a path to mastery to eventually become that Master Clinician. A Master Clinician is lifelong fully committed to their craft, the patient and the future of young healthcare professionals.


‘comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity’


Mark Bevers is the initiator and founder of Designed 2 Move. After a brief career as a top-level athlete, he decided to study physiotherapy. After graduating, Mark wanted to immerse himself in the study of the human body and its treatment. Chiropractic was the best option for him. He graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, England. His drive to offer the best possible care for his patients and his belief in the power of sharing knowledge inspired Mark to found Designed 2 Move.

Our values


We connect the best research results to clinical expertise and patient values. The treatment decision of care providers is therefore based on clinical expertise, the preferences of the patient and the best education available.


We greatly value collaboration in healthcare. Only by complementing one another and sharing knowledge, we take joint responsibility of ensuring the best possible patient care.


We unite different ideas, techniques and styles and combine knowledge. This creates new insights and allows us to build a new standard of musculoskeletal care with the understanding of what and when to do.


We aim for interprofessional collaboration to achieve common goals and solve a variety of complex issues.


We strive for a real partnership between patients and their care providers, by offering respectful care adjusted to the individual preferences, needs and values of the patient.


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