Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully


1.1 Places for the seminar are limited and given on a first come –first served basis.
1.2 Payment of the seminar fees must be made within 14 days of the booking date, or 30 days before the seminar date, whichever is earliest.
1.3 Fees need to be paid in cash or by bank transfer.
1.4 All of our seminars will be offered tax free (CRKBO registration).
1.5 The seminar fees cover the course materials.
1.6 The fees may also include refreshments and/or lunch. This will be stated in the seminar advertisement.
1.7 After your application you have 14 working days to reconsider you application.
1.8 This reflection period also applies if the participant books the course and the company or employer pays for it. If the company books the course, there is no reflection period.


2.1 Designed 2 Move reserves the right to make alterations to the fees, arrangements and dates for teaching and learning sessions, including the decision to run all or parts of the course in the light of demand.
2.2 In the event that the course is cancelled or rescheduled by Designed 2 Move, a full refund of fees will be given, but Designed 2 Move takes no responsibility for travel or accommodation expenses incurred by the delegate.
2.3 Should the registered attendee be unable to attend, a substitute attendee is welcome as long as he/she fulfills the attendance criteria.
2.4 If for any reason you are unable to attend the seminar please be aware that fees will be refunded, less a €50 administration charge, for all cancellations received at least 30 days before the event. For events of €1000 or more the administration charge is €100, for events of €1500 or more, the administration charge is €150.
2.5 Cancellations received after the 30 day period but 14 days prior to the seminar date will receive a 50% refund less the €50 administration charge.
2.6 No refunds can be given after this time.
2.7 In case of illness or any other circumstance that the speaker is not able to speak at the event we will contact all attendees and we will find a suitable solution.


If you have a complaint whilst attending one of our seminars please notify our representative managing the event who will endeavour to assist you and use his/her reasonable efforts to resolve the problem immediately. If you are still not satisfied, or there is any other aspect you are not happy with, you must write to the director of Designed 2 Move (Mr. M. Bevers) within two weeks after the event.

Please write your booking reference number on your letter and include your daytime telephone number. Designed 2 Move is required to respond within 3 weeks after the complaint has been made. If you aren’t satisfied with the solution Designed 2 Move offers, Designed 2 Move has an independent mediator that will give a final conclusion on the matter of both parties.All complaints will be treated confidentially. Complaints will be saved in our system as long as the complaint is relevant for both parties with a minimum of one year.


By attending the seminar you agree that it remains your responsibility for any activities or procedures that will be performed on youduring the seminar. If you do not wish to participate in the activity or procedure you have the right to withdraw. Therefore Designed 2 Move cannot be held responsiblefor any consequences.


All of our seminar will be awarded with Continual Professional Development credits (CPD). CPD is a globally acceppted standard for most (para)medical professions that require continuation in the development of the professional.

Designed 2 Move believes that once a seminar/course is accredited by a (para)medical profession, it is not desirable/necessary to go through another accreditation process for another profession, this because of the associated high costs for these procedures for a relatively small number of attendees for that particular profession. When enough attendees of a profession that requires a new process for accreditation sign up for a particular seminar, Designed 2 Move will consider going through that process.


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