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Functional Medicine

Exploring the potential disease triggers that manifest into conditions such as chronic pain, hormone imbalances and autoimmune issues represent some of Dr. Rebecca Furlano’s areas of interest in her functional medicine practice. As an early adopter of the functional medicine movement—which is largely based on effective communication between the doctor and patient and treatment of the patient’s body as a whole, from the inside out—Dr. Rebecca Furlano helps patients figure out the root cause of their conditions so they may enjoy restored health and prevent future chronic disease. A native of Wisconsin, Dr. Rebecca Furlano has worked in the health care field since 2006, with a unique background that includes manual therapy, holistic nutrition and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Most recently, she studied at National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Ill., where she received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree, which gives her the ability to treat patients as a pioneer in modern health care offering a holistic care approach rooted in evidence-based medicine. “People are ready for something different, something with substance, something other than just feeling average in their bodies, minds and lives,” Dr. Furlano states. “The external world of the body greatly reflects the internal world of the body; my goal is to hold up the mirror for patients to see that connection, and help them make choices about how to change it.”
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